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6 Simple Ways to Travel And Stay Fit

Reading time = 4 minutes. Do you struggle to fit in exercise into your routine when traveling? Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, being away from home, jet lag, and being in a new environment can cause you to lose your routine habits. If you’re a frequent traveler you probably…

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3 Ways To Fill Up Your Yoga Classes

Are you looking for creative ways to fill up your yoga classes? Are you in need of inspiration on how to go about getting more members to sign up? As much as you may not want to look at it that way, yoga is very much a business and as…

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Why It’s So Hard To Exercise While Traveling

Maintaining your fitness routine while you are away from home is not always the easiest of tasks. In a study carried out by Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, only 22% of guests make use of a hotel’s fitness center. So whether travelling for business or pleasure, all of us…

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5 Services Your Fitness Clients Wish You Offered

Did you know that every day, there are at least 44,000 flights and 2.7 million people traveling at any given time in the United States? That’s a lot of people are on the move every day. Many business travelers are fitness enthusiasts and like us, found it difficult to locate…

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The FitByrd Story

Hello World and Hello FitByrd Blog – “The Early Byrd Blog” We are excited to launch the FitByrd app and especially our Fitbyrd blog…. The Early Byrd blog.  Like the app, our blog’s purpose is to build a community and highlight local fitness providers that provide convenient fitness options for…

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