Why It’s So Hard To Exercise While Traveling

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Maintaining your fitness routine while you are away from home is not always the easiest of tasks. In a study carried out by Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, only 22% of guests make use of a hotel’s fitness center. So whether travelling for business or pleasure, all of us face similar challenges when it comes to dedicating time and effort working out.

At FitByrd, we focus on linking you seamlessly with fitness service providers when you are on your travels. To further help you out, we’ve compiled just a few of the reasons that could be hindering your efforts of staying active while on your travels.


1.    Lack of prior research

Like most people, when preparing for a trip we all check the usual, such as weather, places to visit, things to do and so on. Missing on that list, however, is where to work out? As determined as one may be, you may still face a lot of frustration trying to find out where to work out. Having information on fitness centers in advance, gives you that little extra motivation to ensure that you hit the ground running! And with the FitByrd app, you already have a head start on getting the information you need.

2.    Being inadequately prepared

This directly follows the above point. When travelling, to avoid giving yourself excuses when you arrive you need to make sure to pack your workout gear. In addition to that, being prepared to modify your workout routines means already being in a positive frame of mind on arrival. With a busy work schedule or just not desiring to spend countless hours in a gym, the FitByrd app helps you to plan workout sessions at your convenience.

3.    Dealing with biological issues

Getting adjusted to new time zones and altitudes, and then throwing in some jet lag can really throw you off your game. Which is why it’s necessary to reduce the intensity and length of any workout as your body acclimatizes. Linking up with the right fitness trainer for your workouts may help to get you feeling better quicker.

4.    Failure to look for activities to do

Planning trips around areas with interesting activities is a fantastic way of staying active without too much effort. Search for fitness providers offering workouts, beautiful trails to hike, join in the sporting activities at the beach or test your skills on the waves. Keeping active will make your vacation even more fulfilling as you will leave happier, less stressed and generally in a better frame of mind.

5.    Not planning meals

Now this one for some could be the most challenging! To have the full experience when traveling, you certainly need to try the local cuisine. However, planning your meals means you can enjoy your food without worrying about the kind of overindulgence that makes you want to forget working out altogether. That way, you can have yourself a memorable trip without the extra pounds that usually come with!

Stay fit on the go

FitByrd allows you to preplan your next trip, stay on track with your fitness goals, or sign up for impromptu sessions just because you found an extra 30 minutes in your day.

There are no complex contracts, limits, or obligations to fulfill. If you’re a fitness center owner, start marketing your business profitably and reach new customers today. Find out who is looking for a place to workout in your vicinity now. Join the FitByrd Flock today.

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