Why Are Your Gym Members Not Going

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The average gym member goes to the gym twice weekly. This is according to Fitness For Weightloss. If you’re trying to win more business and are wondering just why your gym members are not going, we might be able to shed a little bit more light.

1.    Fear of being judged

Women are more likely to avoid the gym altogether compared to men for fear of being judged. In fact, in a survey of 1,000 people carried out across the country by Fitrated, 65% of women confessed to staying away from the gym out of fear compared to only 36% of men. Do you want to know what they were afraid of? 55% of women said being judged for not looking fit, 49% said fear of being judged for their taste in gym clothing, 25% feared just being stereotyped.

2.    Not enough dating diversity

Did you know? According to a study carried out by Kettler, 50% of people registered on your list and going to the gym are coming to check out potential dates? What’s even more amazing is that a third of the 2,000 participants of the Kettler study confessed to never even breaking a sweat in the gym. Yes, perhaps gym members are not going to gym because, well, there isn’t enough fish in the pond!

3.    Financial reasons

The bigger your monthly earnings, the higher the chances are that you will hit the gym. Studies such as those carried out by Cleveland State economics professor Vasilios Kosteas demonstrate that employees who are earn higher are typically those who exercise regularly. Your gym members might not be going to the gym not because they cannot afford it, but because they think they cannot afford it. You need to counter this by proving to them that those who exercise regularly are likely to improve their financial status by as much as 9%!

4.    No gym buddy

Staying on track with fitness goals can be challenging. Having someone else to accompany you to the gym can be a great source of motivation to keep on track. However, most people don’t have that person. Offer gym buddy promotions to encourage members to bring friends along. Those friends may very well end up being regular members of the gym too!

The gym isn’t convenient

We live in a world of convenience. If the gym is not in a convenient location or does not have enough facilities to accommodate the needs of its members you’re likely to see a decrease in registrations. The best way to find out the needs of your members is to ask them for feedback on how you can best improve.

Remember that happy members are more likely to recommend your gym whenever they meet their friends. If your gym is in a location that’s hard to find, you may want to register on our FitByrd app. We’ll help you connect to members in your own area and those who don’t mind making the extra effort to come to your place.

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