What Sets Your Fitness Business Apart?


In a country with over 38,477 gyms and an overwhelming 36,180 health clubs, how will you distinguish your fitness business? Any business worth its weight needs to have something unique that sets it apart from the next one. What do you have to offer that fitness lovers can’t find from the next place? These are some of the questions that we’re going to tackle in this blog.

1.    Define your niche fitness market

Trends are not uncommon within the fitness circles. However, you cannot and should not establish your business on a trend. Trends are seasonal and will eventually fade. It is better to carve out a niche and have people know where your areas of interest are from the get go. For example affiliating yourself with a fitness franchise like CrossFit® leaves no room for doubt about what sets you apart.

2.    Offer customized fitness packages

Not everyone is able to come to your gym to train. Sometimes people are more comfortable training from their homes. Are you able to tailor your fitness business so you can provide an in-house personal trainer? Perhaps they’ll want to train at the beach or in the park. Offering destination venues with a personal trainer is definitely something you can do to set your fitness business apart.

3.    Baby boomer fitness classes

Men and women within the 40 to 60-plus category are the biggest gym-goers as well as the largest potential target for your fitness business. For this reason, it would be absurd to not think of them when looking for ways to grow your business and distinguish yourself from the pack. But how do you attract them to your business? By selling an experience and not a gym membership. What do we mean? Apart from the standard gym membership throw in group retreats in picturesque settings that’ll feature relaxing spas, leisure walks, swimming, meditation and the chance to meet new people.

4.      Establish a missed session protocol

Most people stop coming to the gym before the first six months of the year are through. Most gyms don’t really follow up with their members to find out why they’ve stopped coming. They kind of just take it as well, that’s what people do. But you want to be different. Keep in touch with your clients – create a personal link. Follow up if you see them miss a week of training. Not in an intrusive manner, but simply checking in by saying something like, “We hope you’re well, we’re just emailing to let you know that we care. Don’t stop coming, we’re here to help you achieve your fitness goals.”

5.    Build relationships with your clients

Following hot on the heels of checking up on your missing clients, is the idea of knowing people by name. A person’s name is to them the sweetness sound they’ll ever hear. And if people know that you care, they’re more likely to keep coming to your gym. When people are included and feel part of a community as opposed to just another regular gym goer, it makes a big difference. This sense of community is the reason people keep attending book clubs, cooking clubs, and sports club.

6.      Think crowdsourcing for fitness

FitbyrdTM app is the first of its kind, a revolutionary app that links fitness enthusiasts with local service providers in any city. Your fitness business can offer availability to fitness enthusiasts who travel and want to keep their home gym. In addition to your monthly subscription revenue model, being a part of a crowdsourcing community will open additional revenue streams and help your business compete with larger competitors. Are you a fitness business but not yet part of the Fitbyrd network? This is one of the key ways you can set yourself apart in this digital age. Make it easy for people to find you online.

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