The Gift of Giving: Great Charities for Your Fitness Business


Are you looking for charities to support this holiday season?

Partnering up with local charities is not only a noble initiative but one that has the potential to engage your fitness members in new and meaningful ways.

In a poll carried out by Morning Consult for, it was shown that nearly 75% of millennials were likely to support companies that gave back to charity than those that did not. 59% of those aged between 35 and 44 years said a business’ charity efforts were important in their decision to support that company or not. For the older generation aged 45 to 64, 47% said they were inclined to support and recommend businesses that gave back to their community.

What’s clear to see is that your fitness clients are considering a lot more than the services you’re offering at the gym. So, which charities should you consider partnering up with? Let’s take a look.

1.    Charities that fight hunger locally and abroad

When you think of holidays what comes to mind first might be good food and spending time with family and friends. However, for nearly 40 million people in the country, food is not such an obvious part of the equation. Food insecurity is a major problem in the United States. Fortunately, there are a host of organizations that you can donate food items to and be certain that the food will reach its destination.

Among the worthy organizations you can look into are Action Against Hunger, Feeding America, Bread For The World, and The Hunger Project. An organization that deserves special mention is Meals on Wheels which makes sure that senior citizens are not excluded and forgotten in these food campaigns. All you have to do is place food bins around your fitness center and create several posters and run email campaigns so people will know what you’re attempting to do.

2.    Charities that promote good health and wellbeing

How much water do you drink during a typical workout session? 500ml? A liter? Most of us never stop to think twice about the water we consume during our exercise or post exercise. But for millions of people world-wide, access to clean water is not so simple. Sensitize your fitness members by putting up posters that raise awareness around the facility.

In addition, you can encourage members to donate directly to charities that help to drill boreholes in remote places in the world., Pure Water for the World, and Water for Good are just three organizations you can partner up with. Each of these charities works with communities in rural Africa and Asia to establish sustainable water solutions.

3.    Charities that work to educate children and adults

Believe it or not but America’s illiteracy rate is still very high despite being a developed country. A shocking 32 million adults in the country are illiterate with 14% of the country’s adult population not being able to read.

There are scores of organizations and charities that exist to address this issue. ProLiteracy is arguably one of the better known charities advocating for adult literacy. For children, consider sponsoring Children International which supports teens aged 14 to 19 years. Another charity to look into is Build Africa which focuses on imparting skills to children and their educators in parts of Africa.

4. Charities that support our animal companions

According the ASPCA, 6.5 million companion animals enter the U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year and each year more than 1.5 million of those animals are euthanized. There are plenty of worthwhile charities that can help you impact those numbers.


A great place to start is with your local animal shelter. Of course, the best gift is to provide a shelter animal a loving home. If you are not able to do this or you would like to help in additional ways think about cash, volunteer time, blankets, food and other much needed supplies. Feel free to call them up and ask what they need most.

Find a charity to support based on your preferences

We have just scratched the surface of the available charities in the country. To get a better overview of charities, be sure to check out Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of organizations you may like to support based on your preferences. The charities are categorized making navigation easier.

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