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Hello World and Hello FitByrd Blog – “The Early Byrd Blog”

We are excited to launch the FitByrd app and especially our Fitbyrd blog…. The Early Byrd blog.  Like the app, our blog’s purpose is to build a community and highlight local fitness providers that provide convenient fitness options for those that travel. We will feature original content and will partner with our fitness provider community for expert advise on how to stay fit on the go. We thought it would be fitting to start The Early Byrd blog out with a little bit more about FitByrd… so here you go!

The FitByrd Story

The FitByrd story started with frustration and aggravation. Working in the corporate world, I was often on a plane and out of touch with my fitness routine while on the road. I would try to play catch up on the weekends but never fully was able to recover from being away from a daily routine. I used hotel gyms when I could and paid drop in rates that were…frankly…crazy when available. It was a hassle and inconvenient to say the least. I was never consistent with my fitness routine or nutrition while I traveled and it took a toll on my body, mind, and unfortunately my waistline.  In 4 years of constant travel I was 15 pounds heavier than my normal self and feeling every inch.

My husband story is similar but includes an even more challenging travel schedule. He has been on a plane every Monday and returning home on Friday’s for more than 15 years. He found himself 40 pounds overweight and was starting to see the physical effects of the weight take a toll. He has never been able to be consistent with a routine or a nutrition plan because of his hectic schedule. He found most hotel gyms were not available at the hours he needed, or they had inadequate equipment. And at some point, in his 15-year career, he just gave up trying.

We had both reached our breaking point and decided we were in the market for a lifestyle change. Over an extended Christmas vacation, we consistently worked out and ate well. With new determination, we decided not to let the hard work go to waste and challenged ourselves to be consistent once we returned to our normal – crazy schedule. Luckily, my husband was stationed at one location for 6 weeks and sought out a local fitness provider that bent their rules and let him have a temporary membership that was not astronomical. Under the table of course.

The gym was incredibly accommodating. The consistency in his nutrition and fitness lead to a whopping lost 20 pounds by July. My results were not so dramatic, but I had shed 10 pounds and was finally feeling strong again.  However, by midsummer we were both struggling once again to maintain our routines with the demanding travel schedule.  It was an incredible hassle to keep up with hectic travel schedules, the demands of work, and spend hours finding fitness providers nearby that were willing or equipped to take on temporary guests.

The FitByrd App

With my husband’s full support, I decided to do something about providing a way to mend the gap for travelers. Hence FitByrd. Initially, our core purpose was just to make staying fit on the go easy, affordable, and convenient!

While on my personal journey to stay fit while traveling I turned to Yelp to find fitness solutions close to me. No matter what city I went to I found the majority of the business listings were closed. Which is sad. As a serial entrepreneur, I know each and every business owner out there has a passion for what they do but things like bills, income, marketing, people management, and scalability get in the way of us doing what we love. This brought about a second core purpose that is very dear to me – help fellow entrepreneurs thrive.

FitByrd seeks to build our community of fitness providers with local fitness business owners. We want to support local fitness providers doing what they love all while filling the gap that exists for those with frequent travel schedules.  With the FitByrd app local fitness providers have a way to capture additional income — that’s above the table — from fitness travelers who are more than willing to pay for quality workout options.

If you are not a member of our fitness provider community, we are currently enrolling. It is absolutely free to list your services and set your rates. Once your services are listed then your profile and services are populated in our app.  Travelers that want to stay fit on the go can find you easily on their home screen and payment is made directly in the app. It’s that easy. There is no subscription or software to buy. When you connect with a new client – at the rate you have set- then FitByrd will take a portion for the service provided.  We even provide a Release of Liability so you can be confident that your business is protected.

FitByrd | Chapter One: A New Beginning

With our first official FitByrd Early Byrd blog “hello to the world” we also want to welcome you to the FitByrd community. You will find it is a place where fitness providers and fitness enthusiast can come together. The early bird or “byrd” does get the worm. We will support local fitness providers  and help them thrive in their marketing efforts through the FitByrd app, The Early Byrd blog and our social media channels all while delivering valuable content to fitness enthusiasts who travel frequently.

Our new beginning is with you – join the FitByrd community today! Fitness providers and fitness enthusiasts can download our app and sign up through our website.

Let’s tell the world who we are…together. We would love to have a conversation with you and hear your story. Tell us in the comments below or on social media. You can easily find us on social media by searching (and following) #fitbyrd.

Safe travels my friends!



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