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Did you know there were well-over 40,000 health-related apps available from Apple iTunes?

The number of people with app-enabled smartphones is over 64% and at least 82% of those aged 18-49 are in possession of such phones. Data extracted from a national survey of Health App Use Among US Mobile Phone Owners showed that over half of respondents in the study had downloaded a health-related app and most people concurred that these apps helped them improve their health.

What’s evident is that people are clearly interested in their health and in finding apps that enable them to reach their fitness goals. Fitness and nutrition apps are among the most common. However, there is not an app purely focused on helping your fitness buisiness attract new members and meet your fiscal goals until now… the  FitbyrdTM  app is geared to help you take your fitness business center stage in 2020.

Here’s how the FitByrd app can transform your fitness business this year.

1.    Fitbyrd app connects you to itinerant fitness enthusiasts

Fitbyrd is one of the only apps that is able to link itinerant travelers with local gyms and fitness centers. If you’re one of the 2.7 million people who travel daily, finding a place to exercise at the touch of a button can be a welcome relief. If you’re a fitness business, allow the Fitbyrd app to connect your establishment with this itinerant community that’s in need of places to break a sweat. Sometimes routine and processes get in the way of new and better ways to approach business growth, think outside of the box. You’ll be surprised by the number of new members you’re missing out on by not being registered on Fitbyrd app.

2.    Get found from anywhere, any time

The Fitbyrd app is more than just a directory of fitness service providers. The network is growing and made up of enthusiastic members who are eager to find new service providers to work with. Our fitness enthusiasts are on the road often and need real workout options. Getting registered on the platform means you’re now part of a dynamic and expanding network. What’s amazing is that even if you’re operating in the most remote parts of the country, your business can be found from anywhere and at any time.

3.    Introduce new classes for visiting members

Who ever said your fitness business has to be stagnant and boring? Take time to do a little research to find out what sort of exercises traveling guests might enjoy. Perhaps offer something fun such as indoor rock climbing to distract from the otherwise regular classes. If not, consider shorter but fun workouts such as Zumba and kickboxing or calmer options like Pilates and Yoga. For each class, you name the price and can limit  participants. That’s right – you are in charge.

4.    No hidden subscriptions and contracts

It is completely free to register your fitness business on the Fitbyrd network. There are no hidden subscriptions or contracts you need to be wary of. This is truly a win-win situation. You register on our extensive network for free and we do the heavy lifting of matching you with clients looking for a place to exercise. It’s unthinkable to not take advantage of such an incredible offer. Sit back and watch as the Fitbyrd app helps you transform your fitness business this 2020.

Check out this neat offer from FitByrdTM

FitbyrdTM app is the first of its kind, a revolutionary app that links fitness enthusiasts with local service providers in any town or city they might be living in or visiting. If you’re someone that loves working out, we’ve got a great offer for you where if you invite friends, family, or co-workers to join, you earn a $5.00 commission which is credited to your next session. Are you a fitness service provider but not yet part of the Fitbyrd network?

Join the FitByrd flock today and watch as your fitness business gets transformed in 2020.

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