Preparing Your Workout Routine For Thanksgiving


It is no secret that holiday seasons are among the hardest to keep up a regular workout routine.

As the holiday season kicks in, more and more people are likely to loosen up on their fitness regimes as they tuck into all the scrumptious food.

Fun fact: During Thanksgiving, the national average weight increases by 0.2%.

And as we move from Thanksgiving into Christmas, the weight keeps piling on. A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine showed that by the end of the holiday season, the average American has increased weight by as much as 0.6%.

But don’t to worry. Here’s how to go about preparing your workout routine for Thanksgiving.

1.    Know your food in order to eat smarter

Where health and wellbeing are concerned, what you eat is probably more important than how much you exercise. The first step to preparing a great workout routine for Thanksgiving is being aware of the type of food you eat during the holidays. What are some of the things you should be eating and trying to avoid or eat in minute quantities during Thanksgiving? lists 15 Classic Thanksgiving Foods, Ranked from Best to Worst for Your Weight.

2.    Choose a set time for exercise and stick to it

Don’t leave the question of exercise an open-ended one with no answer. When are you going to exercise during the holidays? Which days? What times? The sooner you fix the times and days in your head, the more accountable you’ll feel. Studies prove to us the power of writing down the times and dates that we hope to achieve certain goals by. An example goal during Thanksgiving may be something like: Exercise consistently, eat healthier, maintain goal weight or continue weight loss journey.

3.    Select low impact exercises that can be done anywhere

If you’re the one doing the cooking and the one hosting everyone, it will get overwhelming at some point! Exercise will provide a welcome escape to refresh and revitalize mentally and emotionally. However, you might not fancy a strenuous hard-core cardio workout during the holidays. So, opt for low impact exercises such as Yoga, Pilates, and even running or brisk walking to ensure that you’ve done some kind of workout during Thanksgiving. Download and install apps like FitByrdTM which can link you up with local gyms offering opt-in classes if you’re visiting family out of town or out of the current state you live in.

4.    Pack your gym wear so you remove excuses

If you’re traveling to stay with friends or family during Thanksgiving, preparation of your workout routine includes ensuring that you’ve packed your gym wear. Make it one of the first items to pack so that you don’t have any excuses such as the suitcase being too full to accommodate your gym regalia. Packing your gym wear as a priority this will reinforce in your mind the importance of exercise in your life.

5.    Exercise while you do house chores

If it’s absolutely impossible to get out of the house to squeeze in a quick run or do some walking, then make the most of the time indoors to burn calories while doing house chores. Mopping the floor for an hour can burn just as many calories as running for 30 minutes. Washing a medium load of dishes will burn 72 calories. Vacuuming the house for another hour will burn off an additional 138 calories.

Get smart, Get the FitByrd App

Your success is linked to your preparation. Plan smart, plan ahead of time, get the FitByrdTM app to find local gyms and fitness service providers near you this Thanksgiving.

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