How to Use Social Media to Expand Your Reach and Maintain Your Business During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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We all know the importance of social media but now more than ever it is important for fitness businesses to stay top of mind and engage with their community. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic social media marketing had taken over traditional marketing channels. Yes, social media platforms have proved to be an invaluable marketing resource for small, medium and large businesses. These platforms are so popular because that is where people are congregating. In fact, social media users have exploded exponentially from 0.97 billion people in 2010 to 2.96 billion active users in 2020. So, how can you use social media to expand your reach and maintain your business during the COVID-19 pandemic?

1.      Social media makes your brand visible

Social Media platform technology is so advanced that it can keep track of people’s search terms. In this way, marketing campaigns can be tailored to appear in the time feeds of people interested in fitness. This is particularly true for large social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Both social media platforms offer businesses an extremely affordable opportunity to show repeated ads to targeted people based on their search history. Even using the right hashtag on different platforms like Instagram and Twitter will help you get free advertising. Just remember when thinking about your post, the topic and the target audience think about simple ways you can boost your message.

Other noteworthy platforms to join include more than 20 different options. Here is a breakdown of the most popular social channels and what audience you can expect to reach on each one. Don’t get overwhelmed, just pick one or two. Learn them inside and out, then expand when you have the time.

Have some free time on your hands…we do too 😊. Why not take advantage of expanding your social media knowledge – here are 10 free online courses for learning how to use social media marketing effectively.

2.    Reach people who can’t come to the gym

Can you really expand your reach with social media and maintain your business during the COVID-19 pandemic? Yes, what if we told you that social media allows you the opportunity to show off your expertise, provide tips for staying active and even host classes remotely? Click here to learn how to stream workouts on Facebook and Instagram Live. Especially during the COVID-19 outbreak creating alternative ways for your audience to connect with you is critical. Even if you can open, people might not want to come into a physical location but still wish to work out. Offering classes remotely and/or expert advice on a regular basis will not only keep fitness enthusiasts engaged with your brand but when they are ready to get back to the gym, you’ll be their preferred fitness providers.

3.    Show motivational before and after pictures

Do you take the time to celebrate your customer successes? The majority of people coming to the gym are looking for programs that can help them lose weight, get fit and keep toned. They want some sort of progress for their hard work. Social media allows you to the chance to post before and after photos of people from your own gym that have gone through your classes and obtained good results. You can even collect video testimonials and post them to your feeds. Many of your clients are at home right now and would love to showcase what you have already done for them – give them a call today, collect thier story and start sharing. If you have personal trainers this is a great way to showcase their talents and generate additional revenue streams. Draw people in, engage them with transformational stories after all a picture is worth a 1000 words and a testimonial is worth it’s weight in gold.

4.    Host an online challenge

We’re all familiar with the Ice Bucket Challenge and how it helped raise awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The challenge which went viral saw millions of people – including celebrities – get involved. On top of widespread awareness, the challenge raised a whopping $115 million for research and to help people suffering from the malady. COVID-19 has many people stuck at home and we all know how important exercise and nutrition is to boosting our bodies natural defenses. Think about ways you can get your audience involved and active. You never know it just might be adopted by influencers and go viral!

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