How To Diversify Your Fitness Offer To Bring In New Clients

Diversify Your Fitness Offering with the FitByrd App

Are you in need of new ideas on how you can attract more clients?

When it comes to exercise and fitness, people are looking for different fitness offers. Not everyone will want to pump iron and not everyone will be interested in dance-classes like Zumba. What’s key however, is to diversify your fitness offer and aim to make it as inclusive as possible so as to draw in all sorts of people.

Here are a few ways you can choose to diversify what your fitness center offers clients.

1.    Ask your current clients what else they want to see offered

One of the best ways to grow your brand is to ask how you are doing from members who are already working out at your gym. Ask for feedback and use it to grow. One of the questions you should ask is what else you can offer that clients are looking for? Is it a Cross-Fit program, Pilate class, or perhaps a kick-boxing session? It takes money to establish these programs so before you go out and start a program no one might be interested in, enquire from those already within your network what they want first. Try a survey service like SurveyMonkey or SoGoSurvey that deliver tons of value  and enable your clients to give candid feedback. Services like these are often no to low cost depending on your distribution network and survey needs.

2.    Read up on the latest celebrity fitness trends and adopt some

Most gym members are within the 25-60 year age group according to the IHRSA. With that being said, this is a generation that’s always connected and following what’s happening among celebrities. Keep up with the latest celebrity fitness trends and see which ones can be adapted easily and incorporated into your current fitness offers. Once you’ve got the program ready, promote it with social media campaigns to generate a buzz. Alternatively, make sure you’ve registered yourself on free fitness center finder apps like FitbyrdTM.

3.    Create a fitness program that’s uniquely yours

One of the key ways to set yourself apart from other fitness service providers is to create a fitness program that’s unique only to your gym. For example, celebrity fitness trainer Sean T and former Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels are just two examples of trainers who developed their own fitness programs which went on to become mega hits. Sean T’s Insanity and Turbo Fitness DVDs sold world-wide and many gym members were looking specifically for fitness centers offering class sessions of these high-impact exercises.

4.    Introduce classes for different age groups

Parents bringing their children to the gym? Happens all the time, but often the children are left in an area designed for such situations while parents go off to break a sweat. But think about it for a moment. It’s no secret that children aren’t getting enough exercise these days. Many spend most of their time behind phone/TV/computer screens. Add to this, the fact that our food is increasingly becoming unhealthier and you’ll see the need to create fitness programs that are suitable for young ones. What if you created a fun-filled program for children to do while their parents also exercised? You can even offer classes for different age groups depending on the need. Develop programs that are ideal for this age range.

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