Give the Gift of Fitness

Gift Fitness

Can you  gift fitness? …Absolutely!

It’s no secret that people often over-indulge during Thanksgiving and the time leading up to Christmas and the New Year.  As the year winds down and people travel far and wide to be with family, it is often difficult to stay on top of fitness goals.

Fortunately, many people begin the New Year with a bang and fitness is a top priority once again. This makes the gifts we’re about to talk about even more special.

Here are fitness related gift ideas you might like to consider.

1.    Pay for a gym membership for someone

Do you have a close colleague or family member who always complains about not being able to afford a gym membership or are hesitant about starting a program? How about gifting them with a three month subscription? In this way, they’ve already got one foot in the gym and once they see the results the gym has warranted them, they’ll be more likely to stick with it until they achieve their fitness goals. Even better if you can get them a membership at the gym where you currently attend. In this way, they’ll know someone when they arrive and they won’t feel like a complete stranger. It’s good for accountability too!

2.    Refer the FitByrdTM app

A no-cost fitness gift that anyone can give is to recommend someone gets registered on the FitByrdTM app. In fact, this is probably one of the best gifts because this app links them to fitness providers in any city or town they happen to travel to. The receiver can even get started finding a local gym or place to exercise even during the holidays. This is as practical a gift as any and the best part? It’s all free and you get a $5.00 bonus for the referal! How’s that for fitness gift that keeps giving?

3.    Gift them an exercise outfit

Sometimes people make excuses about not having the right gear to exercise in. You don’t have to spend a lot of money here. A neat pair of running shoes, a nice set of joggers and a couple of tank tops can go a long way in showing your support of someone else’s fitness goals. There are even subscription services like Ellie that you can gift throughout the year. Each month a new and very cute outfit will show up at the door leaving no excuses not to go the the gym. Got a guy in mind  – no problem it’s not just a girl thang check out Fit LifeStyle for all kinds of options for her, for him, for couples you name it. People tend to stick to their fitness goals if they know that someone is cheering them on and supporting them to be the best version of themselves that they can be.

4.    A great pair of fitness accessories

Motivation can be found with music, nothing helps a workout like a great pair of headphones to keep the hype up music pumping! There are several models on the market to choose from including Adidas’ Sport On-Ear Headphones. Additionally, you can also add an ultra-cool sports watch like the exclusive Fitbit Versa Smartwatch. Get them interested in fitness and getting back on track with their fitness goals with these sophisticated fitness accessories. There are a ton of other accessories that you can also include if you want – think water bottles, phone pouches, and even a kit bag. Connect with us on our social media channels for new and exciting gift ideas all month!

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