6 Tips to Avoid Working From Home Burnout

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Working from home might have been just a dream a few years ago. Well thanks to COVID, your dream is here.  Now, you might be experiencing the burnout of blurred lines between personal and professional life because of a lack of structure. It is easy to fall out of routine, create unhealthy eating habits, and begin new snacking sessions at odd hours when it is just you and Zoom.

Here are 6 tips to avoid burnout, keep you in a productive routine, physically healthy, and mentally on-point.

  1. Schedule Meals

Having irregular mealtimes can disturb your body’s clock, leaving it confused and … snacky. An effective solution to keeping trim is to follow pre-COVID eating routines. One of our favorite things to do is intermitted fasting. Dial-in your eating hours and give your body some time to process what you have given it. Frequent snacking leads to insulin spikes and glucose getting stored as fat. The more erratic the mealtime the more one is prone to larger portion consumption, increased mood swings, and even frequent headaches.

  1. Create Quality Food Options

Choose your food wisely! The less processed your meal, the better. Choose nuts over a granola bar, a healthy salad over a sandwich, and fruit for a sweet treat instead of that candy bar. Having healthy protein and fiber-rich options will keep you full longer. Try to prep your meals just as you would when you went to the office, so you know exactly what you are consuming in a day.  

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

One of the easiest snack traps is confusing boredom with hunger. Drink a full glass of water if you are feeling hungry and wanting a snack. Just as you keep up with your meal consumption opt for a full 8 glasses of water (at a minimum) a day.  When you have dehydrated, your body stores toxins that can limit oxygen getting to vital organs like your brain, which can ultimately make you feel bad. Being fully hydrated increases energy, helps you rid your body of nasty toxins, and speeds up your metabolism.

  1. Get Moving During the Day

Where does the time go? Back to back calls happen a lot in remote work and before you know it five hours have gone by; you have a neck ache and it hurts to stand… sound familiar?  Some experts say every five minutes of sitting, one must move for thirty seconds Make time to get up and move around during your workday. Schedule activity to make sure it happens, even if it is just a reminder to stand up and move around.

  1. Workout

In addition to being active throughout the day, take time for self-care, and start a workout routine. Even if it is just 20 minutes a day, you will see the benefits. Working out leads to lower weight, reduced stress, and a healthier mindset. Yoga, resistance bands, or other basic functional training workouts can be done in the comfort of your home. If need additional motivation and want a local fitness expert to help you get started, connect with them through the FitByrd App. This app allows fitness providers to offer online classes as well as in-person sessions. Using the FitByrd app will let you forgo the commitment of a contract and drop-in or log on when it is convenient for you.  

  1. Unblur Lines

Establishing boundaries and consistent routines will help to unblur the lines between work and home.  Use your usual pre-COVID commute time in the morning as a cleaning touch up so that while you are at work you can concentrate on the tasks at hand instead of the dust bunnies building up. Furthermore, adhering to working hours is critical to keep you from burning out too quickly. It is ok to finish up a little late or start a little early when you need to but having a habit of it will not make you more productive at home or at the office. Power up that laptop at your normal working hours and shut it down when it is time to go home. Get into a routine of having some unwinding time after work and before jumping into your after-work home duties. Have you tried a virtual happy hour with your buddies? It is lots of fun and gives you a chance to catch up with your friends.

Use these 6 tips to avoid burnout and enjoy your new-found flexibility in your dream job working from home. Your car is not missing that traffic and your family (especially furbabies) are happy to have the extra time with you!

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