6 Simple Ways to Travel And Stay Fit


Reading time = 4 minutes. Do you struggle to fit in exercise into your routine when traveling?

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, being away from home, jet lag, and being in a new environment can cause you to lose your routine habits. If you’re a frequent traveler you probably are caught in a limbo of trying to create or maintain a regular routine. It’s hard to say the least, exercise is often one of the easiest habits to let go of during travel. For those that have somewhat of a routine at our home bases a hectic travel schedule and the constant limbo can slow progress and even negate progress.

FitByrdTM is just the ally you need to make sure your fitness goals are maintained wherever you may be headed. We will connect you to local fitness providers across the United States. We just launched the FitByrd app and building our network as we speak. In addition to connecting to quality facilities here are a few other tips that will help you stay fit while you travel.

1. Eat right

A bad diet cannot compete with a great workout. With reports having weight loss as 75% diet and 25% exercise, sticking to a healthy diet features right at the top of our list if you’re trying to stay fit while traveling. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying your meals on a trip but a little care in your meal planning will keep you from overindulgence. Think about how processed your meals are and choose options that are as close to their natural form as possible. A great example is choosing grilled chicken with veggies instead of chicken pot pie or a nice salad instead of a sandwich. You get the drift.

2. Stay hydrated

Never leave home without your favorite reusable water bottle. Many hotel gyms and airports now offer filtered water machines. Bottled water can be at an upwards of $8.00 in some cities. If you are in SFO International… well there is no options for bottled water at the airport and it seems many cities are following their lead. Have no fear, many airports and hotels (you may have to look in the hotel gym) have filtered water machines. When I travel with a companion, they are always amazed at the amount of water I seem to find… for FREE. Keeping hydrated will reduce fatigue and the chances of reaching for the closest sugary snacks or beverages!

3. Stay on course

While away from home, motivation may come from knowing you don’t have to deviate from your usual routine you worked hard to incorporate or the progress you have already seen. If you’re on an 8-week cut, 12- week fat loss routine, or trying to reach your PB with your WOD don’t let your travels veer you from your course. The FitByrd app includes fitness providers across all fitness niches from kickboxing, CrossFit, Gyms (with real weights) to Yoga. Whatever your passion we can connect you to a local fitness provider and you can easily pay securely right through the app using Stripe. Don’t see a fitness provider on the list? We are currently enrolling – feel free to spread the word – we will always be grateful for a shout out.

4. Try something new with a co-worker

A great way to hit the ground running is to find yourself a personal trainer or try something your city does not offer like barre, Pilates, or kickboxing. Angela Lubonovich, owner of Forever Strong Pilates in Ohio and FitByrd Flock member (fitness provider), also offers health and nutrition support with prepared custom cold pressed juices, cleanses and plant-based specialty items. A new city is the perfect opportunity to level up your fitness game. Mix business with workouts, it relieves stress and provides a great get to know you session. Skip the hotel bar and invite your co-worker to a workout instead. Refer them through the FitByrd app, once your friend completes their first workout you will get a $5.00 reward.

5. Get out of your hotel room

For many years I traveled and could only tell you what the hotel and airport look like in any given city. Pressed for time, I would never take a few extra minutes to appreciate the local beauty until later in my career. I wished I had done it sooner. Book a guided tour of the place you’re in or explore your new environs by yourself. Take advantage of being in a different place and take in the sights. And there is arguably no better way to do so than by walking around thereby getting a genuine experience of the place. You just might enjoy yourself more than the average visitor and log some serious steps in the process.

6. Stick to a plan

Certainly, the best way to keep up with your fitness is to have a plan and follow through on it. Scheduling your workouts will not only motivate you but give you a great head start. There’ll be plenty of time to relax and have a great time but those few minutes of exercise if not planned could end up turning into a series of cheat days.

Best of luck and safe travels ahead!

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