5 Tips on Growing Your Fitness Business Beyond 5 Years


Growing a business is like running a marathon. It takes discipline and endurance. It’s definitely hard work but it can be done. When you’re starting out you might need to be a jack-of-all-trades as you juggle the different roles needed for business growth. You’ll be in charge of the marketing, the sales, developing fitness programs and running the front and back end sides of the business. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way forever. Here are expert tips on how to grow the business into the future without killing yourself.

1.    Establish a sales funnel

Business is all about cash flow. Building sales funnels ensures that your business has solid bedrock and will continue to operate month-in month-out. Now, in a fitness business what are the potential sales funnels you can establish? If you’re just starting out how about offering online fitness classes? Create a fitness program that you pre-record and people can subscribe to and do in their own time. Find a niche and work with that. To enjoy business growth consider selling t-shirts, meal plans, and shakes that go along with the program too.

2.      Automate your customer management system

You cannot track every transaction manually. The bigger you grow the greater the need for an automated customer management system. Thankfully, you don’t have to crack your head or go too far to find one. SalesForce is an excellent cloud-based option. To keep your accounting in order look at Quickbooks and InfusionSoft for your sales and marketing. These aren’t the only tools available of course; there are plenty of options online.

3.      Understand your fitness business competition

The quickest way to sink your business is to ignore the market competition. If you’re not aware of whose in your area, your field, your niche market how can you expect to go against them? Ignorance of your competition is a very grave mistake. Spend time researching the competition. What are their strengths and weaknesses? What are they doing right and what gaps have they not fulfilled? Even their marketing campaigns study what’s worked for them in the past and see if you can adapt those campaigns.

4.    Strategic partnerships are everything

If you’re looking at growing your fitness business beyond 5 years then partnerships can be a lifeline that’ll help you. Strategic partnerships where you form an alliance with the right businesses can give you an upper hand and make a world of difference. The companies you choose to partner with should complement your own business and not compete with it. Once you’ve identified a few potential partners, call them up and have a chat with them about possibly entering into a long-term business growth arrangement.

5.    Use global platforms to foster business growth

We live in a world where tech is central to our day-to-day lives. In 5 years’ time, more and more people will be connected and using global platforms. Position your fitness business for business growth by leveraging global platforms. You haven’t joined FitByrd and don’t have a website or social media pages advertising your business? Then this is probably the best time to join platforms such as FitByrd that’ll help you reach more fitness enthusiasts.

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Dena Mayo