5 Services Your Fitness Clients Wish You Offered


Did you know that every day, there are at least 44,000 flights and 2.7 million people traveling at any given time in the United States?

That’s a lot of people are on the move every day.

Many business travelers are fitness enthusiasts and like us, found it difficult to locate gyms to accommodate this itinerant lifestyle. What if we told you that we have devised a unique system that allows you to tap into this underserved market and help you generate new business hassle-free? Yes, our FitByrdTM app just might be what you are looking for.

Here are five of the top services we’ve discovered fitness clients wish you offered. If you are looking to increase your engagments you can easily add these options to your list of services.

1.    Yoga

With over 20 million Americans practicing yoga, this is definitely one of the services your fitness clients wish you offered. Yoga is a preferred exercise because of its relaxed nature. For travelers it is particularly useful because it helps reduce inflammation of the body, so no more swollen feet, while also decreasing stress levels. Yoga is beneficial to frequent travelers because it also improves flexibility, perfects their posture, increases blood flow, and puts them in a better mood. These are things which are all-important for people who are on-the-go.

2.    Pilates

Pilates is another zen exercise that Americans love. There are at least 9 million people in the country who practice Pilates on a regular basis. The practice has received a lot of spotlight thanks to its adoption and promotion by celebrities. Home DVDs just aren’t as fun to do in a hotel room while one is traveling. Many fitness fans appreciate the social interaction the the performance enhancement they get through having a live instructor in whatever city they are visiting. Travelers reguarly seek out fitness providers that offer a Pilates class option.

3.    Kick-boxing

Traveling can be a stressful affair and kick-boxing classes offer those looking for an outlet for their pent-up energy a place to work it off constructively. Thanks to kickboxing’s high-impact nature and ability to burn a lot of calories – 350-450/hour – it has garnered quite a significant fan-base. This jabbing, punching, and kicking exercise will boost endurance, encourage flexibility, and help to improve coordination. Sitting in airports and airplanes becomes easier thanks to the endurance built through this practice.

4.    Zumba

Want to offer a class that’s both exciting, fun, and gets the heart pumping? Getting into a gym to push weights might not be everyone’s thing. There are many though who are looking for a fun way to keep fit while traveling and Zumba ticks all of the right boxes. It’s the ideal workout that combines cardio, muscle conditioning, and hard-hitting dance moves.

5.    Aquatics

It’s not always that people stay in hotels with swimming pools. If your gym is privileged enough to have a pool take advantage and offer a series of classes ranging from water walking, strength and interval training, core conditioning, and aerobic combinations. There is nothing like hitting the water after a long trip. It’s relaxing and has a low impact on joints. You’ll appeal to a lot of travelers with these classes.

On demand options for travelers

FitByrdTM is a revolutionary app which links fitness enthusiasts with fitness service providers. Our app allows you to offer your unique services, just like the five above, at your own on demand rate that’s favorable for travelers and gets you new business. There are no complex contracts, limits, or obligations to fulfill. Start marketing your business profitably and reach new customers today. Find out who is looking for a place to workout in your vicinity now. Join the FitByrd Flock today.


Are you a frequent traveler? What services do you wish were offered in more gyms across the country? Let us know in the comments below.


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