3 Ways To Fill Up Your Yoga Classes

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Are you looking for creative ways to fill up your yoga classes? Are you in need of inspiration on how to go about getting more members to sign up?

As much as you may not want to look at it that way, yoga is very much a business and as such has to adhere to business principles. With overheads to think of and your own livelihood to be considered, what are some of the best ways to get people to sign up?

Statistics show that between 2012 and 2016, there was a 50% increase in Americans practicing yoga, proving that its popularity is very much on the rise. And with 16 billion dollars being spent on classes and equipment each year, every studio and instructor should be looking at ways to make themselves visible to clients.

Below we’ve highlighted a handful of great methods that you can adopt and use to fill up classes.

1. Develop an online presence

We now live in an era where a lot of business is being done online. Social media users alone have grown by 288 million worldwide to reach 3.48 billion since mid-2018. The value of developing an online presence cannot be understated. Having a simple and easy to navigate website makes your information instantly available, making it easy to look up your class schedules and sign up. Apps are another great way of linking up with potential clients and if you want to expose yourself to clients in a more precise way then FitByrd is the right app for you.

2. Bring in friends and family

The people you know and love can often be an invaluable asset as you embark on your journey to establish yourself as a yoga teacher. Who better to be brand ambassadors and help you spread the word about your class and all the marvelous things you are doing. In addition, these are the people to provide you with honest feedback and constructive criticism to help you grow from strength to strength. And if nothing else, they’ll help add numbers to the class!

3. Pick a niche and master it

A fantastic way for you to stand out is to pick a niche and then master it. Just as doctors can specialize in certain domains, being an expert in your particular area will not only make you more visible but can also bring in higher-paying clients. And with apps like FitByrd providing the platform, you can have clients searching for you from anywhere.  Picking a niche that you are truly passionate about will allow you to enjoy teaching and that passion will easily filter down to your students.

Link up seamlessly with clients

Let’s start signing up clients and filling up those classes! With FitByrdTM you get a revolutionary app linking fitness enthusiasts with fitness service providers. Our app allows you to offer your unique rates at an on-demand rate that’s favorable for travelers and gets you new business. There are no complex contracts, limits, or obligations to fulfill. Start marketing your business profitably and reach new customers today. Find out who is looking for a place to work out in your vicinity now. Join the FitByrd Flock today.

Are you a frequent traveller? Do you need a yoga class near you to join? Let us know in the comments below. 

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