Fitness Provider Signup: 3 Quick Steps

FitByrd Vendor Sign Up Process

Showcasing your fitness business to millions of travelers will take just a few minutes. This step by step guide will help you navigate through the registration process and give you some insider tips along the way.

It’s really that easy and we are here to guide you the whole way through. Ready to get started? Let’s go!

1. Register Your Fitness Business

2. Connect Payment Options

3. List Your Services and Set Your Own Rates

Now, Check Yourself Out!

Stalking is perfectly ok for business owners! The best way to see what your customers see is to go through the motions as a customer. Download the FitByrd App after you have created your Fitness Provider account. The app is available in Google Play or in the Apple App Store.

Questions? Let us know in the comment field below, we love to chat.

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Dena Mayo

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