6 Questions to Ask Fitness Clients When They Travel

6 Questions to ask

As a fitness service provider, are you in conversation with your itinerant fitness clients?

Staying fit while traveling can be one of the toughest things for anyone to do, especially with all the convenient fast food around. Finding a fitness service provider who can help you stay on track while you travel is like winning the jackpot!

We’ve discovered that this group of fitness clients has unique needs and challenges that fitness providers need to be aware of. This brings us to these six questions you should be asking your fitness clients when they travel.

1. Are you on track with your fitness milestones?

Most people have fitness goals and subsequent milestones that they’re working hard towards or to maintain. Having someone to be accountable to while on the road can be a source of encouragement for traveling clients. This can involve getting personal trainers to schedule a Skype call once a week to your fitness clients to track progress. Best-selling author and speaker Henry J. Evans puts it this way, “When accountability is present, people keep their eyes on a very clear prize. They know what they are working toward and how they are going to get there.”

2. How can we help you stay on track?

This might appear like a simple question but it’s one that will win over your fitness clients. Not only does it show that you care about them but that you’re invested in their health and wellness. People are more likely to stay and workout at gyms where they feel connected.

It works well in your favor as a service provider too because 77% of businesses that exceeded their revenue goals in 2018 used personalized strategies. Focusing on developing a good customer experience will encourage people to retain their gym membership at your center.

3. What’s your diet like when you’re traveling?

Diet as we all know is key to staying fit and healthy. In your discussions with your fitness clients, check up on their diet in a non-invasive way. Get them to talk about their eating habits while on the go. Get them to see why they end up purchasing or settling for unhealthy food when with a little careful planning they could find alternatives. Ask open-ended questions that encourage dialogue to get your clients thinking. Questions such as, “Do you know if the hotel you’re staying at has special healthy options that can be prepared for you? Can you prepare food ahead of time and travel with it?”

4. Do you know of any easy indoor exercises?

Skipping exercise is very easy to do especially when one isn’t on a fixed timetable. Discourage this thinking by planting the idea of easy indoor exercises your fitness clients can engage in from the comfort of their rooms. Design a custom-tailored workout for them that will complement their fitness goals. Say for example one of your clients wants to keep belly fat minimal. Packing a jumprope can do wonders as well as providing expert advice on core exercises that will give a good workout regardless of where the client is.

5. What time do you prefer to exercise?

People are different. There are some people who prefer to get their exercise in first thing in the morning to get them psyched and pumped up for the day. There are others who prefer to hit the gym at the end of the day as a way to work off stress and pent up energy.

The objective of this question is to reduce the number of excuses people may have to avoid exercising while traveling. By finding a time that’s convenient for them and talking about it, it will make your client feel more responsible about exercising when that time comes and they are out on the road.

6. Would they be interested in finding a local gym?

Your fitness client may already have current membership with you. However, they might be in need of a real gym when they are out on the road. By taking some of the stress of finding a gym that’s closest to them, they’ll feel like you’ve done them a big favor. By recommending an app like FitByrd™, they’ll be able to locate a gym in their vicinity that’ll make exercising hassle-free. And believe us, they’ll never forget your loyalty and will come back to you when they’re back in town!

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