COVID-19 Update:

Regular exercise and proper nutrition are critical for fighting off any illness. COVID-19 is impacting our lives in many ways and making it challenging to maintain exercise routines and host business as usual.

As a fitness provider's partner in growth, it is FitByrd's responsibility to help in any way we can during this difficult time. We want to ensure there is easy access to healthy resources for all. As usual, all listings are free for fitness providers. Starting immediately, FitByrd is deferring all commission fees until further notice. Fitness providers will receive 100% of the rate they list. 

Fitness Providers - If you have an online class or virtual option this is a great opportunity to connect with your community easily and help out those at higher risk maintain their routines.

Fitness Enthusiasts - We hope you can use this opportunity to maintain your regular fitness routine, support local entrepreneurs and try something fun and new.

Once we are able to grasp the scale of the COVID-19 impact we will charter a course with you to move forward.


Warmest Regards,

Dena Mayo, Founder

FitByrd, LLC


Real Workout options

Connect to local Fitness Providers across the United States using the FitByrd™ App


As of 2019, there are 2.7 million travelers daily and no consistent, convenient way to connect to local fitness providers. The FitByrd app enables any fitness provider to deliver real workout options that are hassle free for both the provider and the fitness enthusiasts. 


FitByrd app users are able to view fitness providers by location and choose the service and rate that best fit their needs. Payments are processed safely using Stripe.


No software to buy or subscription to sign up for. 

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  3. Download the app >>> as a Fitness Enthusiast - to see your organization populated on the app. 

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  3. Don't see a fitness provider? Spread the word and we will pay you (check out the Get Rewarded section)

Fitness Providers

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You are passionate about your fitness business and FitByrd is passionate about helping you grow. 


The sad truth is that less than 50% of fitness businesses are expected to survive beyond 5 years. Our passion is not only helping travelers find real workout options but also helping you thrive in your market. FitByrd is your partner in growth and will help you along the way. Joining our network of fitness providers will be more than just a listing service - your organization will be promoted through our social channels and in our targeted marketing outreach to travelers. 


We will make it easy for you to grow. There are no contracts, no software to buy and no obligation >> just new business gains. When a new client selects your service, payment is made directly through the app and direct deposited into your account immediately.


Start reaching new customers, filling up classes and growing your business today. 


Fitness Enthusiasts

No subscriptions, no excuses ... just real workout options


Download the FitByrd app and say goodbye to fitness contracts and classes that go unused because of your travel schedule. The FitByrd app allows you to support passionate entrepreneurial fitness businesses all while gaining access to real workout options.


Easily preplan your workout on your next trip and stay on track with your fitness goals. You may even find yourself becoming bold and signing up for impromptu sessions just because. The sky is the limit. 


Payments are made safely through the app - with the click of a button your next sweat session awaits. It's easy, it's convenient, and it's on your terms.


We are recruiting your help while we grow... learn how to get rewarded for spreading the word below.

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We are brand new and growing our network. We are relying on your help to get the word out and we are going to make it worth your while.


Refer friends, family, or co-workers easily with an invite directly from our app. When your invitee attends their first sweat session at a service provider of their choice ♥BOOM♥ $5.00 credit towards your next session!


Know a fitness provider that would be perfect? We pay ♥$20.00♥ per fitness provider who successfully signs up! You can have a side hustle and a great workout. Connect with us below and we will give you the full details on how to claim your cold hard cash!


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